June 5, 2017 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Education Centre, St Elizabeth Hospice

Advance care planning is a structured discussion with patients and their families or carers about their wishes and thoughts for the future – often in the context of an anticipated deterioration in a person’s health. Advance care planning is a key means of improving care for people nearing the end of life and enabling better planning and provision of care and can include preferences for care and treatment together with preferences for where the person wants to be as things change. Advance care planning is often one of the most challenging areas for health care professionals and requires sensitive communication skills.

What will I learn?
* To be able to identify the components of advance care planning.
* To have an awareness of when to initiate advance care planning conversations.
* To assess the challenges that health professionals encounter when approaching advance care planning with patients and their families / carers.
* To be able to discuss the communication skills that are helpful in advance care planning.

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